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Camo/Black Polarized Tactical X7 Glasses


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Climb, Fish, Ride or engage in any extreme sport and protect your eyes with the Daisy X7 Glasses!

  • 4 Interchangeable lenses for different lighting conditions! 
    Perfect for fishing, hunting, hiking, climbing etc. !
  • Replaceable temples, opt for with a full band for a goggle secure fit.
    Perfect for climbers, and riders, or just regular side temples. 
  • Cushioned Eye padding for an improved lock on the eyes, and protection against dust, spray or the occasional bug! 
  • Polarized lenses for anti-glare and improved vision!
    Extremely Important when engaging in sports requiring clear and sharp vision
  • Perfect for Fishing Climbing, Hunting, Trekking, Bike Riding, Cycling and any outdoor activity!
  • Durable and Tough Frame

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