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About Shlumperz

Shlumperz Was a Cat, our cat, and he got his name for a very good reason. He used to mess everything up so badly! Especially when he lost vision in his right eye and his sense of direction and distance got somewhat askew... Oh He bumped into stuff :)

We Loved Our Cat (may he RIP), and decided to dedicate this Shop to him.  

We Love the Outdoors, and Shlumpez is an online store dedicated to exactly that. We bring you products that we have passion for and that were on our wishlist so we hope are also on yours. 

We partnered with a small and a carefully selected group of suppliers in China, and source the orders to them directly. This assures the quality of the products and enables us to get the lowest delivery prices and discounts which we pass on to our customers. 

Delivery from China means delivery times are longer (see our shipping policy for details) however we believe this is a small price to pay for getting quality at a reasonable price. 

We truly hope that you enjoy your shopping with us.

Please use our Contact Page which we urge you to use for sharing your shopping experience, what you think of us, our store, our products and our service.


The Shlumperz Staff